1. Final beneficiaries of transport

Any company that needs transport of goods

General goods, ADR, controlled temperature, bulk, building materials, oversized goods

On any internal and international relation

We offer integrated logistics services which include all types of transport (road, railroad, maritime, compound), as well as counseling of specialty for getting the most advantageous quotes of transport.

2. Carriers 

We developed a series of partnerships with suppliers of road, railroad, maritime and oversized transport.

The carriers are essential partners in our organization, our main role being to converse the customers and carriers interests in optimum conditions, reciprocal advantageous. We are loyal to our suppliers in the same measure our clients are loyal to us. We are open to the collaboration with all carriers which share the same principles and values with ours. 

Our carriers have all the needed authorizations to accomplish the transport of goods in safe conditions, within the set deadline, anywhere and anytime. 

We appreciate and support the carriers that respect the legislation and the environmental protection rules.