Equipment rental

Equipment rental

Eurotransport Logistics is the representative of Felbermayr Romania for the eastern part of Romania. Eurotransport Logistics offers to its clients equipment rental services, among these being cranes and autocranes rental, lifts and platforms of different types and capacities.

Cranes and minicranes


Cranes for off road with tasks from 30 to 60 tones.

Cranes with lattice with tasks from 750 to 800 tones.

Mobile cranes with tasks of 8 tones, with height from 25 to 30m + additional arm from 36 to 52m.

Cranes on tracks with tasks from 200 to 600 tones.

Telescopic cranes with tasks from 25 to 350 tones.


Minicranes with tasks between 3 and 9 tones, with height between 5.5 and 16.48m.

Lifts and platforms

Tractable platforms

Articulated telescopic platforms

Platforms on truck

Platforms on tracks

Scissor platforms


Other equipments