Transport agabaritic

Oversized transport

Eurotransport Logistics executes oversized and heavy transports in close collaboration with the customers to offer the most efficient and quick solutions. The performance, the safe execution, the attention and the professionalism are our assets.

If the goods that follow to be transported exceeds the sizes L=13.6 m, l=2.45 m, h=3m, it means that you need an oversized transport. Exceeding the total authorized mass on the axle for every category of road, can also fit your goods in the oversized transport category.

However, there are also limits that can create difficulties in the organization of oversized transport: 54 m length, 8 m width, 4.5 m height and 250 tones weight.

We can put at your disposal tractors with 2, 3 or 4 axles and semitrailers with 3, 4, 6 and 12 axles, modulations, low-bed, with extensible metal frame on length or width, without floor or rotating tables, which makes possible the transportation of long and heavy parts on two trailers.

Services offered

·         Routes analyses: we offer you the most advantageous solutions for your transportation, having as priority the quality and the time of the transport

·         Transport projects

·         Obtaining the specific authorizations of heavy and oversized transport

·         Technical support in route, decommissioning of electrical and telephone networks etc.

·         Authorized civilian escorts: we offer you approved and authorized ARR and CNADNR vehicles 

·         Police Escorts


For asking for an oversized transport, it is very important that you can provide us the complete sizes, the weight, a sketching and eventually, images of the goods that will be carried.