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Road transport services

Road transport

Road transport of goods is the most wide-spread type of transport from Europe because of the short time of delivery to the destination, low price and the most efficient mobility: cargo loading straight to the supplier and unloading straight to the receiver.

Eurotransport Logistics offers to its customers many types of transport: road, railroad, maritime as well as any combination between these ones.

Road transport is achieved with all types of transport that exists: cargo vans, trucks with tarp or box-truck, platforms and trailers of different capacities for goods that can vary from a pallet to big amounts of the tone order with standard height or even oversized goods.


Eurotransport Logistics organizes international transports of goods on any destination, both in Europe and outside Europe, without limits of weight, size and origin of the good. The most frequent transports are on the following routes:

·         Romania- Hungary and back

·         Romania- Bulgaria- Greece and back

·         Romania- Switzerland and back

·         Romania- Italy and back

·         Romania- Germany and back

·         Romania- Spain and back

·         Romania- France and back

·         Romania- Czech Republic and back

·         Romania- Poland and back

·         Romania-Slovakia and back

Types of road transport

·         International transport

o   FTL

o   LTL

·         National transport

o   FTL

o   LTL

·         Transport of oversized goods

·         Transport of dangerous ADR goods

o   liquid goods

o   solid goods

o   all ADR classes

·         Controlled temperature transport

·         Transport of containers

International transport of goods

Most of the international road transports are Full Truck Load (FTL). The main advantage of FTL transport in contrast to Less Than Truckload (LTL) consists in the speed of delivery. The truck will effect a shipment for the consignee and will deliver the goods in full safety from the starting point to the unloading point indicated by the consignee.

In case you need international road transport of goods from Romania to different destinations in Europe or from extra-community space to Romania, Eurotransport Logistics will provide exclusive trucks of goods of different capacities and types, both for general goods and ADR goods, which will take your goods in full safety and in the shortest time of delivery.

The transport is made based on international CMR/TIR conventions.

The clients who have goods smaller than a full truck can use the Less Than Truckload transport.

The main advantage of LTL transport in contrast to FTL is the lower price. In this case, the delivery time may be longer than in the case of FTL and the order of transport must be send a few days before.

In the case of LTL, the goods can be transported just packed in pallets, boxes, box pallets, bales, parcels etc. with different sizes, but not exceeding the standard ones: 2.4 m width and 2.5 m height.

National transport of goods

Eurotransport Logistics can cover the entire network of public roads from Romania with specific means of transport for every category of road.

Your order of goods is taken and processed by our team of forwarders: in the shortest time a forwarder will contact you to give you the solution of transport proper to your requirements.

In order to make a transport order, for beginning you must send us the following information:

·         the place and date for the cargo loading/unloading

·         the type and weight of the goods

Means of road transport

The main types of means of road transport of goods offered by Eurotransport Logistics.


Eurotransport Logistics makes available for its customers the full range of vans, trucks, trucks with with tarp, isothermal or with controlled temperature, trucks for transport of textiles, platforms, tanks etc.